So, what do you guys use to connect your mics/instruments to your computer. So far the only equipment I've seen is the "it might work; it might not" category... I don't really want to spend four or five hundred dollars on something that might not work. I was looking at a PreSonus FireStudio Project, but, based on the reviews, I really don't even know if it would work or not. What do you guys suggest?

I'm running this laptop on Window XP (I know, window sucks for recording). My processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo (if that helps at all). And I'll be using Reaper to record and edit everything.
the Firestudio is a nice interface and great if you need to track drums.
Windows XP is stable, vista is giving most people issues with the new drivers.

Your processor is a little slow but it may work with the Firestudio...I would look up the min. specs for that interface though.

I think the Firestudio comes with a 6 pin 1394 cable (firewire) so you will need a cable with 4 pins at one end and 6 at the other. Monoprice.com is great for cables, I find their prices to be very low yet the quality is great.
Your CPU is a little slow but you really can't do much to upgrade that. RAM on the other hand is easily upgradeable and I would recommend doing so to 2gb.
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Your CPU should be fine. I'm using a single core AMD Athlon 2.1ghz processor from yesteryear, and can easily run 8 channels of analog in, 8 on aes/ebu from a MOTU 896HD with its routing matrix running, Guitar Rig 3, Sonar 7 with more than 20 tracks, and quite a few native plugins all at the same time.

I have 1 GB RAM, and that is used up much more quickly than my CPU load.
Thanks for the help, guys. It's surprisingly hard to find information on stuff like this... certain parts of the internet seem strangely empty.

... Anyway, I guess I'm going to go scrape up some cash and see if I can get one of these things.

Thanks again.