I have an english project due next wednesday and it is on romeo and juliet. I have to write several songs for the big scenes like romeo getting banished and juliets fake funeral scene. I was wondering if you guys could give me an some advice on which direction to take musically for these scenes thanks alot
Hey, dude, what school do you go to?
Cause Ironically enough, I have a project on them due next week...
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Isn't the song in that video actually from a version of the movie? The teacher would tell me it doesn't prove I understand it if I used that.

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It's just an option we had for a very vague project
Oh...damn. I was kinda hoping you went to my school =(
Uh, you shouldn't try anything metalish...uh, perhaps somewhat sappy romance?
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Grab yourself a nylon and start finger picking through some minor or major7 chords.
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Go PA, i live in harrisburg! And good luck on the project
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make a bunch of two chord punk songs.

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ok so far i've done one with a jazzy song for the after wedding scene, a powerchord one for the battle scenes and our own version fo the march of death for when someone dies.
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just find music that emphisizes the emotion of each scene. genre isnt as improtant as the feel of each piece. in fact if you can mix genres and still be true to the play and have some continuity you'll impress your teacher, and me. though im proud of you already son.
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i may just be in your class
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i had to do a project just like this
i used Roemo and Juliet by the Dire Straits
and i got an A+