lets talk about our bikes

i have univega from the early 80's
neon red its awesome
but i need to get some new breaks and fenders
i use to get every were i don't drive
and don't plan on driving a car

what kind of bike do you have
and what do you use it for
wut kind of bikes? I have an 07 Norco Bigfoot mountain bike lol
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I've got a GT Palomar. It's pretty badass, lightweight and smooth. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. I had, well still have, a Raleigh Activator II which I was quite fond of but the chain snapped on it last year. I repaired it but it snapped again a few months ago so I just starting using the Palomar instead. The Activator II weighed a tonne compared to the Palomar, too. Anyway, I just use it for bike rides.
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I've got a mountain bike which suited my needs when I got it, but now I'm looking at trading it for a good road bike.

I'm also planning on building a tallbike this summer.