i know thee is an ultimate wah thread and stuff but it doesnt answer my question. i really want a fulltone but i cant afford one so i have to get a vox wah and i was wondering which is better for my style the V847 or the clyde mccoy 848?

i like to play red hot chili pepper stuff and jimi hendrix and i know there both good for that but i like to play slash type solos so which one would be better?
Hendrix actually used a Clyde McCoy on Voodoo Chile (Slight Return). You won't get the perfect tone though, apart from not having the lovely vintage equipment, his tech used to 'tune' the wah to the frequency of the song.
Vox v847a will do just fine. fulltone would be the best i imagine, or an RMC teese wah. but those cost a bit.

i haven't tried the mccoy so i donno how it compares, but i know the reissue vox sounds fantastic especially for vintage stuff. but you're gonna wanna adjust the roller thing inside the pedal so to take off the harsh high end it has if you press it all the way toe down. my advice anyways.
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Well, the McCoy is a rather good wah, but it CAN be veryyy shrill.. I haven't played a V847.

You'll definitely want to try them out to see which one suits you better.
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