Am I the only one that writes like 15 2 line stanzas and then puts them all together in a song or do you write the song all the way through?


im on this very sandy beach
oh these waves i cannot reach

these sparkling rocks of sand
wondering where is the land

stupid on the spot stanzas but i write like 15 of those and then put them together. is that bad? is it harder then just plain writing a song all the way through to the end?
Well if it works for you and you manage to write a decent song at the end of it, there is no reason for you to change your writing style.

We all have different ways of writing our songs, don't doubt yourself man, if it works for you keep at it!

ive never even tried the other way though. maybe i will ill try it tonite and see how it goes. i started like this because i cant just sit down and think of an entire song at once. i need to do it in pieces, i feel you can put alot into one stanza if you take longer to get it right. idk maybe thats just me.
I think it's harder to get good flow and consistency of thought this way. I've never tried it though, but I can imagine it stops the spontaneity and 'thought-train' sort of thing in most pieces.

Whatever works for you though. As long as you get the desired result.
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As others have said, you shouldn't at this point in your writing career stick to one style, you need to try as many as possible. Switching the rhyme scheme and syllable count is also worth attempting every now and then.

The way you write now could be a hinderance to the overall feel of your pieces. I find unless I write a piece all the way to the end I cannot, for love nor money regain the mind-set I was in when I started writing.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
i see what you mean ill give it a try tonite if i get some time, i keep getting sidetracked...and my best friend just told me she hates me and never wants to talk to me again so i guess i got something to write about...
I would strongly advise you not to change something if it's working for you, rather, build around it and expand upon it.
thats the thing tho its not really working...everything i write is crap...the link in my sig is what im talking about. the only thing ive ever written and its crap
Man, you were born in '93. That is far from crap for a 14 (or 15?) year old. If you really don't think your style is working then change it up a bit. I don't really think anyone can help you but yourself. The improvement in writing (at least, from personal experience) comes from the seeking not the discovery.

My only advice would be to write and write and write. There's quite a helpful writing tips thing hovering around here somewhere.
sounds good man cheers! thanks for saying its not crap but i want to trash it so bad but i know i shouldnt XD