Today in my Exam I was crapping myself over what to do for my storyboard, so I made a random sitcom called

'Up to my Neck' *Neck related to Guitar neck obviously


Rick - Lazy Ass Drummer who is always either, Pissed, Unconscious, or asleep. Misinterprits everything everyone says to him.

Cliff - Lead Guitarist, Always arguing and causing mayhem for the band. He is also very cocky and arrogant.

James - Lead Vocals and Rythem Guitar - He is the leader of the band, 'Metal Madness'. Who he is in along with, Cliff, Rick and Keith. He is very demanding and his plans usually backfire on him. He can't sing either, but believes he can.

Keith - The quiet bassist of the group, he never complains about anything and everyone blames him because of that (needed to throw the blame on someone lol) He is also very shy. Usually ends up being at the **** end of most things.

My sitcom revolves around them living in their apartment in London, they have a Music studio they own also, which is part of the setting also. The main themes of the sitcom are the conflicting personalitys and over-exagerated sterotypes of Unruly British Youths.

I would watch that show
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Lars Ul'Rick'? 'Cliff' 'James' and a bassist everyone blames things on......where have I heard of this before?
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Oh, yeah, Should have called Keith, 'Jason' instead. And Dave instead of Cliff, As Cliff(R.I.P) was the pure awesome soul. Dave Mustaine was a the trouble maker :P
i'd definately watch that faithfully
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this show needs "more cowbell"
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I think you should make the bassist the extremely good looking guy that gets all the ladies.
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