Well yesterday I went to a studio and plugged my shoddy Ibanez bass into one of these and I would blown away, enough so to actually want to buy one. I found i can get both of these for about £600. Should I?

I would be using it for small/medium sized gigs with PA and it will be my second amp, to my current 10w unbranded pile of rubbish i currently own.

Head (can get it for around £250ish in a local guitar store):


Cab (need to know what size i really need before buying):


I expect the two won't be compatible together or something but for the cab its just an example for a 4 x 10 cab that I wouldn't mind owning.
Ah cool, the only thing I could remember about the one I used was the head, the cab was just something I didnt think about taking down the name of incase I ever wanted to buy it. Suppose the good news is that i'm using it again on friday when i'm back in the studio practicing for an upcoming gig.