Hey guys, I'm trying out a guitar tomorrow and its got a floyd rose and most likely tuned in standard. I mostly play dropped tunings so I'm using this as an oppurtunity to learn something new. So if anybody has any tabs for cool riffs in standard tuning they could share with me ( clean and distortion ) I'd appreciate it!
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There is actually this 5 chord you can play to make the guitar sound like it is dropped. You probably know about them already. They are pretty simple, for example if you bar the 5th fret on the E and A sting and fret the 7th on D you get a D5 with a lower octave of the 5th. They sound pretty cool, as for riffs look up the Dimmu Borgir song Kings of the Carnival Creation. It is in standard and it sounds brutal
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Thanks! I know a little Master of Puppets from a whileee ago and I'll look up some of the other ones.