OKay... so i have a cube 30x. its nice but i want a better sound. I Play all forms of rock including some metal. I want a good tube amp... 15W of tube would be lots i think as i just practise at home or with buddies. Thought about a peavey classic 30, valveking, crate v-18 or something like that... will buy an overdrive if necesary.. range is around 500$
Well I can tell you that the Valveking does metal a better than the classic 30, but the classic 30 should do good for what you want.

The Palo's are a little too classic rock voiced for you.

Valvekings are decent, but need a tube and speaker swap eventually. Or so I've been told.

EDIT: C-30 plus an OD. Should be all you'll need.

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