Like the title says, have any of you in the pit ever listened to every song you have?
i havent but im trying
Over time, yeah.

But if you mean in one sitting, no, although, one day I have to do that.....
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it would take me 19.5 days to listen to all the songs on my itunes
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tehre may be a few (on my computer not cd collection) that i havn't, but essentially over time yes
i woudln't be able to do it in one sitting since i have like 5 days worth of music just on my pc
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I've only listened to about a third of the songs on my iPod
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Not in the least! I like to pick up albums from friends that are by artists I've never heard of in genres that I like, and I listen to them when I feel like hearing something totally new. So yeah, I have a bunch of albums I've never heard before in my iTunes.

Also, 21.5 days of music. 8200 songs. Wow.
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i have roughly 25,000 songs on my computer.

There's no chance in hell i would listen to them all in my life (altho i probably have heard them all) coz its not all the genre's i like.

i dunno how many weeks of music that is
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It would take me 3.2 days according to my iTunes to listen to them all in one sitting. But over time, I've listened to all of them. I know a guy who has 10,000+ on his PC, but he's probably never listened to half of the stuff on there.
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943.5 hours of music... i probably have listen to officially 143 hours (not counting listening to some tracks over about 80 times... yes i have no life aside from music and guitar) so thats about 15% of my music
Probably not.

People give you stuff that you never get around to, or you download an entire discography for one song but you keep the rest anyway, just incase you want to listen to it, but never do.
i dont have that much time on my hands.
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i've listened to about 3/4 of the songs, but i could name what a band it was if a song was played. I have a little over 7 days worth of music, but i leave it running most of the time so the songs have 3 or 4 pays minimum.
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My 10 year old cousin came over and downloaded a bunch of jonas brothers and hannah montana, so , in other words, yes.
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Quote by bigtimmy
i have roughly 25,000 songs on my computer.

There's no chance in hell i would listen to them all in my life (altho i probably have heard them all) coz its not all the genre's i like.

i dunno how many weeks of music that is

That makes no sense.

If you have heard them all before then there is a chance in hell you would listen to them all in your life...you already have.

Just got a bit confused,Bro.=]
i don't know how many hours but i have 45.3 gb of music files on my pc...

hahah thats bigger then my mates whole hard drive
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Nope, I've probably heard 1/3 of what I have.
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No, I haven't yet.

One day, though. Well, multiple days.

Out of my 4937 songs, I haven't listened to 936 of them, but I try my best to beat the temptation of listening to the songs I always hear and listen to the others.

Also, it's best to note that I HAVE listened to a lot of those songs, but when I had to switch computers, all of my play counts were reset, so I just haven't felt like listening to some of them since then.
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