the finish on my faded sg special's neck is becoming really worn. its supposed to be cherry, but it looks like an orangey color, and is a bit uncomfortable to play. anyway to fix this without having to refinish the whole damn thing? replies are appreciated
Ehm....I'm gonna sound like an ass, but isn't the whole idea of a faded finish that it looks faded?
The more faded the better I'd say, battlescars on a guitar are a mark of honor!

What you could try though is using some light polish to smoothen out the surface a little.
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well you could sand it. I sanded my strat neck. Differnt thing I know.

Umm there's like...fretboard oil stuff, it works great on the back too.
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If its uncomfortable to play, either sand the back of the neck or adjust the truss rod if it is bowed/backbowed.

Its supposed to be orange, hence faded finish.
i'd sand the paint off and then oil finish it. or.. the guitar is already faded as someone already posted. leave it as is..
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everyone that says its supposed to be orange, it isnt the whole thing, its only a portion of the finish that has worn off over time. it looks bad and mismatches with the rest of the neck. ill try and get pics up later.