Nirvana's Leadman Kurt Cobain died a while back now but i still wonder what would have happen if "he didn't kill himself". What type of music and songs would he make with his simple power chords? He would probably make grunge go up to the next level. grunge basically died when he did. So what do you would have happened if Kurt Cobain was still alive.
Well hopefully we wouldn't have too much of the crummy rock nowadays. hopefully nirvana would still be awesome
and by while back, you mean 14 years, 1 month and 14 days. that is a while
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Absolutely nothing. He was a junkie, therefore, he would always be a junkie because he didn't have any motivation to quit. If he didn't die then, he would've died later on...Probably not too far off from his original death date.

Why would it matter if he took grunge up another level..Crappy bands like FalloutBoy and Panic! At The Disco would still rule over him.