I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere I could get my hands on one of these?

And, does anyone have any experience with these?
Are they good guitars for downtuned metal and stuff?
Explorers are good for just about any genre of metal.

Get one on eBay or some local place. I doubt that Guitar Center or Sam Ash would have them anymore because they are outdated.
Explorers are metal guitars, period. I've never seen a Voodoo (or even heard of it before now) but I have a regular Ebony Explorer and it sounded great stock, it sounds much nicer now that I have Seymour Duncans in there but it didn't really even need them.

The Voodoo is swamp ash instead of mahogany like mine and I've never played an ash guitar (except a Telecaster which isn't like an Explorer in any way) so hopefully you'll be able to try one out before you buy it.
I love my Voodoo SG, and I play metal with it, the explorer shouldn't be terribly different, I sat go for it. The Voodoo series was one of Gibsons better weird niche market ideas, except the Les Pauls from that line, avoid those like the plague.
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