So a few minutes ago I began compiling a list of strictly Alternative Music from the 90's that I feel were good in their time, and would provide me with some nostalgiac moments. Of course the ideas were flowing at first with ease but steadily slowed to a halt.

This is where you guys come in. Anyone that likes thinking back to the good old 90's and is good with recalling bands that were popular/had good hits please feel free to put out some band/song names to help my list feel complete.

I'm not looking for anything particular except 90's and alternative. No nirvana please, I'm looking for less commonly heard songs.

Here is what I have so far, I'm trying to get around 110-120 songs:

Little Black Backpack- ????
Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve
Santa Monica- Everclear
I would buy you a new life- Everclear
Keep em seperated- Offspring
The kids aren't alright- Offspring
You're a God- Vertical Horizon
Bulls on Parade- Rage against the Machine
Hows it gonna be- Third Eye Blind
Graduate- Third Eye Blind
Semi Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind
Mistake- Serial Joe
No Authority- Linkin Park
In the End- Linkin Park
Damnit- Blink 182
What's my age Again?- Blink 182
Flagpole Sitta- Harvey Danger
Island in the Sun- Weezer
Machine Head- Bush X
Glycerine- Bush X
Wonderwall- Oasis
Don't Look Back in Anger- Oasis
What's the story morning glory- Oasis
Get what you Give- New Radicals
Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters
Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters
Long way down- goo goo dolls
Name- Goo goo Dolls
Gin Blossoms- Follow you Down
Two Princes- Spin Doctors
Soul Asylum- Runaway Train
Brick- Ben Folds Five
Falls apart- Sugar Ray
Every Morning- Sugar Ray
Loser- Beck
Torn- Natalie Embrulia
Smashing Pumpkins- 1979
Smashing Pumpkins- Disarm
Creep- Radio Head
When I come Around- Greenday
Basketcase- Greenday
No doubt- Spiderwebs
No Doubt- Don't Speak
Our lady Peace- Clumsy
Our Lady Peace- One man Army
matthew Good Band- Apparations
Matthew Good Band- Load me up
Cake- The Distance
Live- Lightning Crashes
Toadies- Possum Kingdom
Violent Femmes- blister in the Sun
Bleed America- Jimmy Eat world
The middle- Jimmy Eat world
Good- better than Ezra
I love the cocain- Lit
My own worst enemy- Lit
Daughter- Pearl Jam
Jeremy- Pearl Jam
Better man- Pearl jam
All my Fault- Fenix Tx
Scar Tissue- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Under the Bridge- Red hot Chili Peppers
Walking On the Sun- Smashmouth
Superman- Goldfinger
Here in your Bedroom- Goldfinger
New age Girl- Deadeye Dick
Alive- Edwin
Closing time- semisonic
Makes no differance to me- Sum 41
Blurry- Puddle of Mud
Wasting my Time- Default
Incubus- Drive
Incubus- Pardon Me
Eve 6- Inside out

Thanks in advance to anyone that has/can help.

Edit* Ill keep adding to the list when I see some bands I remember.
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^ Got some on there, any other song ideas? and to HCbkid I love all Blink and listen to them constantly, great idea though.
Beautiful Freak - Eels, Why Does it Always Rain on me? - Travis, Scar Tissue - RHCP, Around the Fur - Deftones, Epic - Faith No More (That could be 80's actually, correct me if I'm wrong), Star****ers - Nine Inch Nails, The Pixies - Where is my Mind (Got to be in there!), Nancy Boy - Placebo, No one Knows - Queens of the Stone Age, Just - Radiohead, Man on the Moon - REM. Yea, Pearl Jam, forgot about them - try Alive or Daughter. Hope they fit the bill for you.
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^ They weren't really anything. I just heard the song on youtube a few days ago and it brought back some memories. The band originated from Canada, they've disbanded now and the singer is in some other band.
haha ya i know. but it's had enough lasting impact that they still play it regularly at the big grocery store. that song does bring back memories though.
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all of the old blink 182 songs!

those are more punk but blink kicks @$$
all the small things-blink-182
fat lip-sum 41
Elephant Riders- Clutch
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Scars-Papa Roach?

lol that wuz 2004 sillie

Umm... "I Want You" by Savage Garden belongs on that list. It's more like dance-pop, but it's one of the catchiest songs of the 1990's.

And on that note, "How Bizarre" by OMC.

Ohhh, and by the way - "Little Black Backpack" was by Stroke 9. I know this because I loved that song at one point.
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