Hello everyone.

I've noticed 2 pretty small technique issues that I'd like to get sorted out before I start working on speed.

1. When playing intervals of 3 ex. 5-7-9 should I use my index, middle and, pinky, OR my index, ring, and pinky? Both are equally uncomfortable right now I'd like to know which one to stick with.

2. When I'm playing on the B and E string, I tend to roll my hand and play with the side of my fingers. I've seen people playing "flat" so to speak by not rolling their hand. Is this just a matter of preference?

1. Whatever works best for you - practice different ways of doing it. Personally unless it's high up on the fretboard I can barely make that kind of stretch... which brings me to 2...

2. I often do this when doing what your drescribe above - using index, middle and pinky.

I think if you're trying to play very fast and accurately, then you should try keep your hand "flat" as you describe. The other way is good for doing bends and other kinds of blues or rock or country licks. I think it really depends on the situation.
Awesome, thanks a lot man.

I'm aiming to work on speed and accuracy for now.

I'm trying to make a bit of genre switch. I've been playing mostly grunge for the last few years and now I'm trying to get up to speed with some of my favorite melodeath bands.

If the genre is any indication of the technique I should use....I don't know
Work on both fingerings. Find the difficult ones, work on those more. That way you won't leave any holes in your technique. That's not to say I don't have any holes mine!!

This just generally applies to all sorts of licks.
1) It doesn't matter. I've seen "recommended" fingerings for that go either way.
Personally I use i-m-p and try to keep it consistent. That's a pattern I use a lot.

2) That doesn't sound too good. For a number of reasons. If your fingers are flat
they aren't in very good position to play. Up to you if you think it's worth fixing or
not, but you asked...
Use your pinky as much as possible.

Also, really focus on technique. Speed will develope after technique. Not the other way around.

Thanks for all the help guys.

It's nice to get these little nuances sorted out first