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I recently bought my first valve amp, a Crate V30H. I played it in a store and I just loved the sound more then any of the marshalls, fenders, epiphones, peavy's etc etc that i'd played. It's a class A, 30W RMS all valver with a solid-state recto running at 8 ohms. It's also apparently the last one left for sale in Australia because they've been discontinued and replaced with the similar V33H that is made in China. I was luck enough to pick up this American version for half retail, cheaper then the new Chinese ones to my ears its a ****ing god send, and a big step up from my tonelab SE.

because the deal was so good, i didn't get a chance to buy a cab for it yet (you have no idea how frustrating it is not being able to play it).

in the store i ran it through a Genz Benz ported 2x12, which sounded nice, but at 300W RMS, i thought it was overkill.

That said, this amp goes like a mofo. Even tho its rated at only 30w, it seems to push as much air as a lot of 50W all valvers, maybe even more. I'm not really sure exactly how accurate 30W RMS is, and what sort of wattage i should be looking at for the speakers. the impossible to find matching Crate 2x12 is rated at 160W, which i thought was strange, so i'm officially confused.

Anyhow, i was looking into the Vox V212BN cabinet, 2x12, 8ohm, "Neo Dog" speakers at 30W each. I love the look and the speakers look right for me as well, but i'm worried that they won't handle my head with a total wattage of only 60.

Am I being crazy, or should i be looking at a bigger 212 or perhaps the 120W 4x12 version of the Vox? Anyone played the V212BN - good speaker or not? Good Match with the crate? What other cabs can you guys recomend?
The Vox V212BN is designed to run with the Vox AC30 head. You may think your amp is loud, but few 30W amps put out as much power as the AC30. Be that as it may, you can run any 30W with any quality 30W cab. This 60W cab will handle your amp with plenty opf room to spare.

The only thing is that I'm almost certain that it only comes in 16 ohms, which would not be the ideal fit for you unless that head has a 16 ohm tap.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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I called up a shop and they told me it was in an 8 Ohms Version. I don't know what dictates impendance but aussie's run on 240V so does that make a difference? So maybe there are some 8 Ohm versions around. If not, how annoying is an impendance tap?
You need an 8 ohm cab for that amp, regardless. (I have the "****ty" V33). Look around for any 30+ watt 1x12" or 2x12" cabs, or consider building your own.