Stronghold series, ftw

I'm currently playing through the campaign of stronghold 2. Its a cool game, but nothing can ever compare to the original. Fighting off the Snake, sieging the Wolf, man that was great.

Best part of crusader was the addition of the fire balista, and the multiplayer. Luckily, both are in #2, but it seems that #2 has a bit too much castle management, with the Honor, thieves, rats, etc.

I've never played the Legends one, but it looked a bit stupid with the dragons and whatnot.

Edit: combo breaker!
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are you talking about the stronghold flash game thats online? or one that you have to install on your computer
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how could you not like stronghold?
good ass game.

I don't know, I just found it boring.
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My fav Stronghold soundbytes:

People are coming to the castle!
Must be placed adjacent to the granary.
These taxes are unjust.
My master requests your immediate assistance!
Your popularity--is rising!
The granary is full.
Buildings are on fire, sire.
Shiny metallic purple armor.
haha, i usually play with the sound off so they always scare the **** outta me when i turn my volume up.
i remember that incredibly hard level in stronghold 1 where you had to invade the pigs castle but he had a moat and pitch around it and lots of crossbowmen...but anyways both games are great, i haven't played the new one cuz i heard you have to have a really high-performance computer to play it or it will be slow.

"food stocks are too low, sire"
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the whole time i was expecting it to end in the fresh prince theme song

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