is it right for a guitar player to like to play Clean sounds (with little distortian so it sounds a little louder) than to play with a classic 80's rock distortian sound?

(music influences: Van halen, beatles, My chemical romance, panic at the disco, foo fighters, fall out boy, from first to last, matchbox twenty.)
No. You're mentally ill and should go to a doctor.

Nah. It's fine depending on what you play. Most new stuff (MCR, Panic at the Disco, Foo Fighters...) don't use too much distortion compared to the 80s stuff anyways
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Did you really need to ask this question? If you feel you needed to ask this question you have bigger questions to ask yourself and reflect on.
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It's only not allowed if your 13 which I'm assuming you are by the question.
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Why would you ask a question about your unique tone, which you already seem to like?

Bottom line: if it sounds good to you, do it.