So very simple:

- The best live performance you have seen, this include everything (Solo´s full performances riffs improvisation) let´s make this clean so just reply with something professional.... for example

:- http://videos.sapo.pt/faObjsdd63qGKFjpmpqH - I love this man he just kik ass in the acoustic....

Soooo reply all you want!!

bonzo - moby dick

best instrumental performance of all time, possibly best overall performance. following closely behind - la villa strangiato

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i saw The Searchbars recently and they were great,

its a shame though, because no one EVER listens to them.
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I saw ronnie baker brookes junior. He was the most incredible blues musician I'd ever seen
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So?! I did found any... I guess you like people to participate in your thread so just give something useful to this thread or else dont bother reply...

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Jimi hendrix
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Probably Buddy Guy. I'm seeing the Flaming Lips this summer, so that will probably beat Buddy.
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