Hiya, this is something i just whipped up last night when I bored so I thought I'd post it
on here, I think it still needs a bit of work but hopefully yous can help me with it

Anyways I'll happily crit one of yours if you help me with mine,

Thanks in advance

Edit:Version 2 has some minor changes in it, mainly conserning volume and such, only thing really to do now is the drums

Also the song sound alot more better using RSE cause it blends the tracks better so use it if you can
Gazing past the horizon.zip
GPTH V2.zip
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I'm not saying this just for the sake of it, but I really loved this. I was not expecting that intro at all, and it's just so...something, it works really well. A good mix of the acoustic and distortion in the chorus. I can't really fault this, it was really surprisingly enjoyable. 10/10 from me.
Yeah, have a look at "Clean", it's my newest one, just finished today. Thanks! Looking forward to more songs from you in future as well
Bar 20, PLEASE get rid of it. It drags the song down
And it's such a good song.
Also turn down the friggen distorted guitar
And changed the drums for the first chorus, It would improve it a lot.
And turn the harp down a bit too maybe?
I could barely hear the clean guitars for the most.
They're just the small tings I noticed, other than that, Excellent work.
Great Song!

~Loki <3
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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Spot on Loki, If its one thing I have trouble doing is transending from one section to another as for the drums well since this is actually my very first full song this was actually my first experience with anything drum related

But thanks for pointing them out, working on them as I speak

Anything you want me to crit?
I like steak!
aye, the volumes.


that chord, sounded really bad with the song to me. :/
other than that, it's pretty fantastic.
That was really good. I especially liked the things like bar 10, the slides sound very nice. The only thing I would critique is that maybe the interlude could sound better with a heavier electric section. The clean interlude, while still quite good, sounds a lot like previous sections, and coming in straight from the verse makes it a slightly repetitive clean section.
Oh Shit!
Fair enough catchy, you pretty much right there, I see what I can do, thanks.

Also the bits like bar 10, 25 and 50 ownards are my favourite bits, at first it started with just the chords then when I added the slides I couldnt believe how well it fit together
I like steak!
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i think that was epic, but you should consider putting overdrive in the verse after the first chorus, MAYBE in the outro (this could easily be something by AVA) good job!