In a few months i should be moveing out of michigan and i cant wait. but i got a few questions about my gear.

is there anything i should know to do to my gear befor i move to help protect them?

is there anyone that makes a cheap head and cab case? id like to use a case cus haveing worked with a moveing company befor, i dont trust useing the protective blankets most movers use.

is there a guitar case for a jackson rr3 or simular body style that isnt a cofin case but is still protective?

thanks for the help, and if there is anything else i should be conserned with please let me know.
check ebay or cab and head cases. i see them all the time for a pretty good price
i have and LTD F-2005 and it took me a year to get a case that with my axe.

i got a gator extreme, coz it fits all sorts of various shapes with customs foam blocks, but i just improvised and made it fit lol.

u could also try a bass case, i was considering it before i got the gator extreme.
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