I have the pots, pickgaurd, nobs, selector switch and mounting screws for the configuration. I only lack pickups. In your best opinion what is the best pickups for a nize warm bluzy rock tone, that leads to some screaming solos, and a medium chunk rythmn.

Pickup Type, position, etc.

I'm looking for anything to a Metallica sound, Skidd Row, Slash, and Alexi Liaho. If that can throw any help to it.

Nothing ACTIVE.
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i think either a Dimarzio Breed, Evo, X2N, or Super Distortion would sound fine.


here is whats in my HSH

Neck - Breed Neck
Middle - Red Velvet (love the cleans of it)
Bridge - depends on the mood im in... sometimes i switch the SD and X2N
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Quote by chikin pickle
EMG 81 Bridge. I don't know about anything else.

WHoops. Tired....
I've heard that Dimarzio D-activators are good.
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