so i go into my computer and see C Drive, and D drive

what is the D drive for?

it says that it holds about twice as much memory as the C drive and i dragged some files into there recently and they seem to be fine.

please don't flame!
C, D, etc. drives are just which slot your memory device is plugged into. It just so happens the the C slot is almost always used for internal harddrive memory.

Do you have an external HD? Any sort of memory device plugged in?

i have an external hard drive but i haven't gotten around to installing it so that is not it.

i think it might be a second internal hard drive?
As mentioned, it could be a partition, or an additional hard drive or a jumpdrive.
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A lot of external hard drives don't need to be installed per se, if its plugged in it could be the D drive.
Some sort of detachable drive. When I plug my MP3 player in, it's shown under the D: Drive
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Quote by fenderdude06
i have an external hard drive but i haven't gotten around to installing it so that is not it.

Some other companies are catching up with Apple's "plug it in and it works" methodology. I'd be surprised if you had to install software to even view an external hard drive. You don't have to install anything to read a flash drive, do you?

My PC's like that too. It just came partitioned at the factory for some odd reason. It's a pain in the ass, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to reverse it... If I were you I'd put your music and crap on the "D" drive to free up space on the primary "C" drive.
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yeah i can put my music and stuff on the "D" drive but will it be alright there?

by not installing my external hard drive i mean i haven't opened the box lol so it has not been plugged in but good point by SD about the flash drive