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Skin and Bone
103 19%
Not fat, not super skinny
308 55%
107 19%
20 4%
Xtreme Porker
15 3%
Voters: 555.
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im average >.> ...........<.<
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YESI love you.

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My sister has a big ass
im not gonna lie I'm pretty big. But not like where I cant walk big. I'm just a big guy.
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150ish lbs that is

we shud tally it

post up fatties

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im gonna consider myself average, im about 5'8-5'10 i think and roughly 145 pounds
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How fat are you....you chubby chaser!

Alliterations FTW!
185 and 6'5. Whatever that makes me...
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6'2", 160 pounds. Pure awesomeness
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xtreme porker.

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I'm not fat, but I'm heavy.
6'3", 203 lbs.(97 kg)
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6'2 and 260 pounds, could be way worse.

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I'm ridiculously skinny, unhealthily so.

EDIT: 6'1" 98 lbs. I use to be 105-107 lbs, but I recently underwent extensive surgery.

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what ****ing retarded thread

what a ****ing retarted post, watse of time, avatar, username, and gear! get out of here.
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How fat are you....you chubby chaser!

not skin and bone but not fat by any means. weight doesn't mean anything. it could be just muscle.
5'6", ~156 lbs. I've got a bit of chub, but it doesn't carry to anywhere else, meaning I don't look 156 lbs.
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what a ****ing retarted post, watse of time, avatar, username, and gear! get out of here.

What a ****ing retarded response, if my post was such a retarded waist of time, then why did you find it neccesary to respond? Considering you make threads asking about how fat people are then you wont post any pics of yourself or how much you weigh im going to have to assume your probably a tiny little bitch /end rant
Lmao extreme porker ftw.
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Big guy, 155 pounds maybe. I just came down from like 230 though.
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184 pounds.

kinda chubby, packin some extra baggage

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The Pit has recently made me want to start a nice little 'How Derogatory Is Your Phrasing' thread.
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Wheres the "fit" option?
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I'm really skinny. 125 pounds and I am 5'8.

112 and 5' 8"
messed up, i know
I want Super Saiyan abilities
17, 5'6", 109 pounds.
Size 00 pants.
00 for extreme porker.
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Seth: 1
A7X: 0
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