This has a few Metal riffs so I just called it Metal.

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

Hmm... I'll go in order

I really liked the first, just set a cool mood for the song. Also you probably didn't notice but you used two different types of powerchords in that first riff.

I didn't like the section starting at measure 10, but that was definately GP's fault, it would probably sound cool in an actual recording.

The riff starting at 22 was cool, but I thought it was a little too chromatic on the a and strings.

I couldn't really get into 30-37 until I looked away from the tab, because it was so complicated looking, but it was cool too.

I'm gonna go ahead and say, all your lead sections are awesome.

The riff starting at 55 was cool, you used it a good bit in the song and it worked everytime.

59 is a great riff, nothing to say about it.

The clean at 84 came in really nicely, good job on that.

I didn't dig the 100 riff too much, but it definitely fits.

The rest of it is really cool, nothing else major for me to critique.

The bass was fine, it never stuck out, just provided the low end.

Drums were good, almost seemingly impossible at some parts, but good.

Overall 8/10