its a nice guitar and its going to be a while before i can afford my jacksons so i wanna upgrade and my mate told me to put new pickups in it and it will be an awesome guitar. he didnt really say what type/sort of pickups to put in.

still new to guitar and dont know much bout pickups etc so any help will be appreciated

We can't recommend pickups until you say what kind of music you play.
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pure ****ing metal! thats y i cant wait for my jackons

guess metal is kinda hard to do on a sg? but when i bought it i read reviews that its a good starter guitar and can play all kinds of music.
My son plays metal on his 310. We did "upgrade" his pickups to some from guitarfetish.com. They were relatively inexpensive, but to be honest I don't know that it made that much of a difference.

I would say that you probably need a better amp. He tried out a Peavey Valve King 212 this weekend and it sounded awesome. What are you using for an amp now?
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get seymour duncan blackouts/ or invaders. if you dont like those, emg 85/81 you can never go wrong. but seriously, new pickups in an sg 310? just save to get the jackson, its not worth it.
yeh lookin at some prices probably not worth it, i do have a really BAD amp like a 80wt no name ebay piece of crap. might start lookin at amps so when i do get my jacksons lol i will have a sic amp straight away.

any recommendations for amps for metal? round 10-30wt
get a new amp instead.
you can get a really good guitar and run it thorugh an amp that sounds like $#!t but you can get a good amp and an ok guitar and make it sound good.
Why not get an Ibanez RG2EX1
You won't really need new pickups for metal.

Also, go for a roland cube (Micro cube, or 30x+)
or a tube amp with a pedal
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If you have a small cheaper practice amp then new pickups wont do a whole lot of good.