screams of systematic repetition
tuned to the key of C
rejuvenating the pulse
of the pulp on the floor

I found the time space continuum
on my back porch swing
stepping toward the screeching sirens
revealing the past screen by screen

Timing the sun in wrist-watch format
the liabilities not mine
the doormat said "welcome"

you catch my eyes glaring,
hastily waiting for your tears to run
your feet follow in suspended motion

Gunning for the hallway laundry shoot
only to find the triggers on safety
the notion alone is enough

reseting the sun dials
with steady hands of anxiety
attacking the knobs at their fastens
My suttle brutality breaks

I wake on the kitchen floor
while the screeching of the sirens pull me in

1. I KNOW about the misspellings
2. Im not sure if im breaking any rules....the last time i posted this..it got closed due to the fact i posted to much for a given time.......and im not sure if i can repost this because of the no reposting rule...so im kinda stuck in a position..i hope it wont get closed i can really use the feedback
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