im taking a break from blues and metal by playing some alternate/funk. so im just wondering in the cant stop main riff what thumb chords dose john finger? cause i hear the pick hitting the strings not just single notes picked
I play it with all my fingers. My index/pointer resting on the strings while the other 3 do all the finger work, and yes, it is strummed.
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the tabs on here are right, u just have to mute the rest of the strings with your left hand, then strum the riff. This gives the funk sound to it. Idk how else to put it but figure out the fingering that makes it easiest for you...itll take practice so no open strings ring

Edit: I play it with my middle finger on the bass note, and ring finger on the 7, 9 then mute the strings with my pointer. No idea if this is how he plays it (prob not) but it works
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