I play mainly those two styles, super heavy distortion and super clean cleans.

Name some amps off.

your wanting two very different things.
but, try the EVH 5150 III desinged by fender and Van Halen
It would help if you put a Budget. I'm gonna recommend an ENGL Powerball or Bogner Ubershall for now. Never played one, because I'm scared I'll fall in love. I've seen videos and read reviews though. Hope this is helpful.
Fender Supersonic.

While "out of the box" it doesnt have "TEh brutalz!" a good boost or OD pedal will get you there.

I basically just got the perfect John Petrucci Mark IV lead tone with it cranked at 6 and my TS9 boosting it.

And the cleans, are well, VERY clean, the Vibrolux is SOOO bright and sparkly and has a TON of headroom, while the Bassman channel breaks up well for that "Cranked' Twin sound"

Its very loud for a 1X12 60 watt combo too.
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