Guitar one :

Lefty strat style. Chambered body w/ H-logo cutout. ebony fingerboard, C.W. inlay on 12th fret, no fret dots, just side markers. Strat style headstock. HSS pickups directly mounted. Curly maple top on Mahogany body, set in neck with 21 frets, through-mounted bridge (not string thru). chrome hardware.

two :
Righty strat, solid walnut body with highly quilted maple top. strat-shape, bolt-on neck, all chrome hardware. Humbucker bridge, Single coil neck. basic strat.

Will show progress of both at a time. both will have a mixed danish oil/polyurethane finish that will really make the wood beautiful and still give some protection. Cut out the maple tops today, glued up the mahogany. tomorrow will cut out and glue up the walnut body, hand-plane the maple tops, and if possible glue them up (might have to make a trip to homedepot to get some plywood to make a gluing jig.)
here we go.

The Righty quilty maple :

the lefty curly maple (yes i know the body drawn isnt lefty, i just did it to show you dudes.)

That cut (and the drawings) looks uneven but it's probably just the angle the pictures were taken at.

I can't wait to see the lefty.
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yeah, they are sitting on my bed, and i just did a quick sketch with a wood-crayon, so it does look pretty off. didnt go into work today, i feel like crap, so ill be working on these tomorrow.
not much going on lately, just gluing up wood, making jigs (body-press, scarf joint jig for the radial armsaw, etc.)

Did the truss rod, slotted the fingerboard for the righty-strat. the dude who is getting the lefty cant make up his mind on what he wants, so thats delayed, it is going to be a 3-piece curly maple/bloodwood/curly maple quarter sawn neck with a scarf... thats all i got though, he might want a les paul body, he might keep the strat-ish thing.

There is nothing more beautiful than maple/bloodwood together. Look at the gorgeousness of this neck blank, and look at that sweet quartersawn-ness. this ones gonna be a good-one.

glued up the body for the righty strat, rough shaped the body..

the inside of the top horn, some wood-voids showed up (wind-shake, worm holes). Filled it with sawdust + clear epoxy..

all the clamps in the shop.. Laminatrix-2000. haha

ugly shaped, not-sanded top..

horn being filled with epoxy, will sand out tomorrow.

Top sanded up to 1000 grit, just to see what it will look like... heres some sun-rays on it.

Good so far bro, updates when you do major things

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