Didn't really know where to put this one so why not the Pit? How exactly do you go about plugging a guitar into a MacBook's audio input? It looks like a normal headphone jack to me so do I need to buy an adapter or am I just looking at it wrong....
just buy an adapter. it will cost about $3. its worth it.
and yes, it is a 1/8 inch jack that plugs into that port
it's probably a better idea to go guitar->amp->amp output->macbook
That'll give you some tonal variation, and volume. I'll be pretty hard to get levels without the ampage
Alrighty. So you've got your rig. Guitar-pedals or whatever else you might have- amp.
Now, you'll need a cable to go from the amp's line-out, which is generally its headphone out.
You'll need a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter, but you can get them at any radioshack. On the macbook, set the input to 'built in line-in', fire up garageband or whatever program you're using, and get to it.
^ how good (or bad) does it sound with that setup?
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