I was thinking of buying either a les paul, firebird, or sg, and i

need help deciding. I play blues- rock and older styles of rock like the who, and led zeppelin. I need a guitar that can really puch out power chords and single notes,
but also tone it down a bit for softer songs, and chords
fire bird or les paul
play them both and go with the one you like better
sg wouldn't be a bad pick either
heck play em all
I want Super Saiyan abilities
i would go for the firebird cause of their awesomeness.
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les paul or firebird. i have a les paul but firebirds sound and play so nice.

ADVICE buy both play them for a week and bring back the one you don;t like lol
(friend i know did that)
jimmy page used a les paul. les pauls get a very nice, warm clean tone, but also distort very well.

the only way to know what you want is to play them all.
A flying V is also an option.
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les paul if its going to be a clasic or better, if not then I say sg standard.
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there's nothing wrong with firebirds, and everyone has a les paul so if you wanna be like everyone else, les paul, if you wanna stand out, firebird

they can sound pretty similiar imo
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les paul standard or classic
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