I've got two songs that I have recorded completely. There's no instruments besides guitar (I'm having a hard time convincing my friends that it's "good", and they won't record anything for it). The one I'm talking about is called "Second Recorded Song" on my profile (Pretty catchy name, huh?). If I could get someone to listen to it and let me know what they think, that'd be sweet...

I recorded it, and didn't want to go back through and fix all the mistakes, so there's quite a few in there, if you listen.
Also, I hear it gets kind of repetitive, especially in the first two minutes or so.
Lastly, it's not actually 10:00 long or whatever it says it is. It's only about 7:00.

Sup man!
The recording is quite weak, and the song itself isn't overly powerful.
There are a few really cool ideas that you have in there, it just didn't do too much for me.

Crit Mine?
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