Okay so I've only been playing for a couple months but I'm not totally thrilled with my amp. I'm currently using a Peavy Rage 258 and as considering getting an Epiphone valve junior combo amp and then a digitech bad monkey pedal. I play a wide variety of stuff from blink-182 to the used to nine inch nails to the killers and i definitely plan on starting to learn some metal stuff shortly (bullet for my valentine, all that remains). I was wondering if, combined with my Ibanez GRG170DX this would be a fairly versatile set up that would allow me to play things like i mentioned ranging from the more mainstream rock to the very heavy riffs. I was also wondering how my cleans would come out, right now with my Rage i can get twangy or just a dead sound and was hoping i could just get a nice plain sound when distortion was low or off.

I think anything would be better than a Peavey Rage 258. I"m not sure how the valve jr. would help with the sound you're looking for but I know that it's made for blues rather than metal.
So what kind of tube amp (trying to stick with tube because I get the impression they have a better sound to them) is around this price range that'll fit my needs and last me a little while?
Blackheart little giant is getting a little closer, but you are gonna have a hard time playing Metal on it... Pretty close with the BM but not quite.

Can you afford to upgrade your pedal to a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde?


It has a OD and a distortion, and would match up with a VJR or a BHLG very nice IMO
i think the epi valve junior and bad monkey would be a good choice. you may want something like a metal muff for your metal tones. im sure someone more knowledgable than me will come along soon
Maybe somewhere in a few more months but because I'm only a few months in a dont want to drop a whole lot more cash, I just want to find something that's a little more versatile. Right now like I said, my cleans are twang central and my distortion doesn't seem to have much differentiation between what I play, I could play three different chords in the same general area and if I make it distorted enough to sound at all metally they sound the same and anything from my g-string, b-string, and high e-string are just like ear shattering from being so screachy
I think a moddler is best for you. A Roland Cube 30, Vox Valvetronix, or something similar is probably a better bet than a tube amp, condiering where you are in your playing.
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I think a moddler is best for you. A Roland Cube 30, Vox Valvetronix, or something similar is probably a better bet than a tube amp, sondiering where you are in your playing.

Just 'bout sums it up .
ibanez valvbee. Perfect for your needs.
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