Hello UG! I've been playing the electric guitar for a few months and have now become interested in learning music theory. I know there are lessons I can find but I would find it a lot simpler to have everything just in one book. So basically I'm looking for a book to begin music theory with the guitar and that will perhaps explain how to read standard notation; also I'd prefer if it started begginer level and then gets more in depth to and intermideate-ish level, but anything begginer will do.

So go ahead and recommend any books you think would be good, ty in advanced ^^.
EDIT: Just realized this might be under the wrong forum, sorry if it is ^^'.
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Hal Leonard, Guitar Method "Music Theory" by Tom Klob is cake, should help for sure.
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Hal Leonard, Guitar Method "Music Theory" by Tom Klob is cake, should help for sure.

That's the one I'm working through and I like it because it's guitar focused. I plan on getting the Idiot's guide as it should offer a little more depth.
Awesome! My friend gave me the Guitar Handbook and my local library has the Idiot's guide to Music Tehory; I'll check out that other one too (Tom Klob or w/e). Thanks again.
i bought a book awhile ago called Teach Yourself Guitar by Nick Freeth, it was $10 at Barnes N Noble, and it has a full chord tab index (with good pictures), so that made it worth it enough, but ive read it and it goes from very beginnings (how to hold guitar, the super-basics) up to the minor and major scale and farther, its good
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dont waste money on a book use the internet. books are for suckers and they cost way to much money.

I think Hal Leonard are great guitar method books. Though you can learn so much from Internet sites like this one (probably the best!), you can't bring Internet with you all the time. So having a couple of method books it's a good idea. Fastracks are the one I used and recently bought a Blues Method from Hal Leonard. They all come with a CD. These are a good start but aren't a complete lesson package. You should dig further to get more theory here and there.

Hope this help
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Use the column series on here called The Crusade. Probably more engaging and manageable than any book you'll spend money on.
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory is always my default recommendation for a reason. It's great.

good idea i love this book. I also recommend idiots guide to solo and improve.
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