Hi guys, I have this problem when i'm changing chords. When I'm playing a fingerpicking song, an example would be Good Riddance by Greenday, when i change chords from say D to C9, the last note seems a lot shorter then it should be. I noticed this is because when I'm changing notes, I would pluck a string and as soon as I lift my fingers off for the next chord, the sound immediately gets 'muted', almost like a staccato. Is that normal? Or is there perhaps something I can do to correct this? It just sounds sort of wrong when some notes are shorter then they really should be.

edit: this is all done on an acoustic guitar.
it will get better with time
not really anything specific i can think of to improve that
just experience
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well im guessing your in your earlier guitar playing days judging by you playing green day... but yea thats pretty normal for someone like you to do. all you need is practice man. when i started out, it helped me to get the chords down without looking and practicing changing chords fast.
If you play a fretted string then lift your finger off the tension drops and you've got a pull-off (opposite of a hammer-on) unless you 'pluck' the string with the leaving finger there's not enough vibration left for it to ring so it will sound muted. That's the why.

As for the solution. Have you tried playing an open string or a common note before you change (e.g. the D string from D to Cadd9 or the 3rd on the B string [which I play for Cadd9 but not sure if I'm supposed to ]) or if you want to stick exactly to a TAB then try to pre-position your fingers while still playing the first chord.

To be honest I'd just try either of the first two techniques and see if you like them.
Thanks for the quick responses! Yea, I have been playing for roughly 6 months. So I guess my chord changes isn't exactly that fast/smooth.
Hmm...so I guess what you guys are saying is that I could work on my chord changes and make it fast enough so that I would be able to leave my finger on the string for the required length of time and still get to the next chord in time?
Or alternatively, I don't have a guitar right now, but I guess I could try bellerophon's method and see if the song sounds right when I use another string.