The answer to this question may just come down to my not understanding the X notations in the tabs I'm looking at.

I've been messing around with the guitar for about 8 months on and off and started to put some serious effort into learning it in the last 4 or 5 weeks. I'm making some progress and I'm basically just looking for easy tabs of songs I already know and trying to play them. I'm seeing lots of string mutes in songs that I don't really know what I'm supposed to do with. Examples:

G|------------5-5-x--------7-7-7-------- repeat several
D|--5-5-5-5xx-5-5-x-2-x-22-7-7-7--------  times

A Riff from "More than a Feeling" by Boston


Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash


Part of You Really Got Me by Van Halen

From everything I've read the X's are supposed to be mutes. What do I do when I get to these parts? Stop those strings from ringing at that time or something? Why are there several of them in a row, I can only stop the strings ringing one time right?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
the x's are for muting on the fretboard. This is basically laying ur hand or a finger on top of the strings but not putting any pressure on them. This should create a "chk chk chk" type sound when u do it
however, some tabs made by other ppl will say that the x's are palm muting, so make sure u check the symbols key to c if it is otherwise its just fretboard muting
I've never seen those mark palm muting. They just mean mute the strings (put your fingers across them, or just lift your fingers up so that they're lightly touching) and strum. You'll get that "chucka chucka chucka" sound prsrulz was talking about.
exactly bob
my tab 4 should i stay or should i go says that the x's r palm muting but i dont think thy r correct