2 new songs recorded today, using my headset as a microphone (because i'm to poor to afford real recording equipment).

Surefire has been rattling around in my head for 2 years now, it became my standard warm-up song before i play guitar, when i figured out how to record (last week ) i decided to do the same thing i did with my other warm-up song (A Shocking Truth).

Fingerlickin' Metal is an accident, after i finished recording Surefire i had opened up a new page to record an acoustic song (with an electric solo), i was screwing and improvising when i realized that i was recording (this was about 35 seconds into the recording), i just kept going. the whole solo is done in A minor pentatonic (and the other 5 boxes).

*EDIT* forgot link http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/aradine/ some of the more on the ball users might have figured it out though.
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Hey man,

Nice playing finger lickin metal certainly has elements of van halen, but I feel you could exeperiment a little more with ya playing in terms of where your tapping on the fretboard. Surefire is pretty cool just maybe needs tightening up a little bit. I'm sure if your in a band(I don't know) you would be a great lead guitarist.

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starts off really well. you lost me at about the 1 minute mark, it feel you're pushing it.
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Surefire - I wasn't overly excited about this. Nothing really stood out for me, but the guitar playing is nice.

Fimngerlickin' Metal - Enjoyed much more! Some nice work in there my friend!!!

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