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Ok, well I'm kinda limited on my knowledge with guitars, but from what i've looked into this is what I'm planning on doing. I would like to have an alder body with a male neck and fretboard. As for the pickups, I wanted a Van Halen sort of sound and was thinking of getting some Seymour Duncan '78 model Humbucker for the bridge. I just love the high screeching and killer tones it has, but i was thinking of going a little bluesy too. I was thinking about something that would sound like Eric Johnson's guitar. I'm not exactly sure on how the setup can be, so i'm open to that, but for sure i'm going to have a humbucker. Of course I was looking into getting a Floyd Rose tremolo system... although it will set me back quite a bit, but if its a good quality tremolo system i'll get it. Another crazy idea would be to put in a kill switch... This is a maybe though...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if you have any other ideas I would love to hear them.
Thanks in advance!
if this is ur first build, i'd suggest leaving out the trem and killswitch.
Search for an old Kramer body and neck, add your pickups, FR, and killswitch
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Quote by SG6578
Search for an old Kramer body and neck, add your pickups, FR, and killswitch

Any model in mind for the kramer?
the 78 ans a ssl 1 in the neck and middle
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Update: I've got some good pickups in mind(well i think they are good)
The Seymour Duncan '78 in the bridge and a DiMarzio YJM in the middle. I'm so close to coming up with my setup. I was kinda thinking about just getting a squire or something and switching out the pickups in that. So yeah.... just wanted to let you guys know.