Well she’s got diamonds in her sea eyes, now,
But all I do is wait for some new sound
To run through my tempest gray pond,
To tremble the ice I am on.
But I’m a fool to believe in this grief:
She can’t catch up with my softest breeze.

I want to fall back into the abyss
I have known
For so long.
But I’ll just keep circling through
This storm I have sown,
My newest form.

Well I’m a knave and all I can do is
Wait for the dead world to renew my
Timid and terrible ears,
My heart in my mind full of fears.
The ocean is brutal and free,
The simplest machine it can be.

I miss the cool air of killing these
People I wrote,
So full of hope.
But I’m a jack of diamonds
My eyes only see
In front of me.

She’s got diamonds in her sea eyes, now,
And I’m a knave so all I can do is drown.

Recording there, under Sea Eyes...go figure.
love songs are tough but this is pretty good. this could be pretty sweet with the right music but what i think it lacks is straightforwardness; you use too many metaphors. but like i said, you get the right music around it, theres no reason why it cant be great.

Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .