so i own a vader 212 finally, and its the sweetest cab ive ever heard. for reference I have played on Bogner Half-stacks(extacy, and ubershall), Marshalls of all sorts, Egnater, Peaveys, Randalls, Mesa, you name it, though a host of cabs at high and low volumes 412's mostly.

My current is rig is a randall rh200, boosted by a keeley java boost, my axe is a Jackson DK2M w/ duncan jb/59. This fed to the vader.

I was first concerned about the 240watt rating given my amp puts out 200...i just didnt want to push this cab too much, given the fact that vaders are designed to have less speaker breakup than most cabs.

This doubt has soon left, at 80%power on my amp this thing ****ing slays and puts out so much crunch and tone and power its rediculous. The only comparable cabinet to this would be a bogner 412 at three times the price and twice the size and weight.

I was conscerend about low end handling since ive played at high volume 412's w/ my randall, a mesa cab farted out on me once, and everything i put under it sounded flat, and muddy and too "round" and not tight thump type high gain. The i dont use too much bass, but i just tested it at 70% power with 80% bass and 100%gain and the sound was so tight and low it was incredible to hear it.

My settings on the amp are(in o clock)
master 2-3
bass- 11 to 1
mids- 3
treble- 12 to 1
mid contour- 3or 4
gain 2 - 3 to 5

tone- 4 to 5
level- 10 or 11

soon to put some blackouts in my axe for more tightness,since im planning on buying a randall v2.

Anyways im no rep, or anything, i did alot on online research for my rig im planning on getting, and i figured id help someone else too.

bottom line:

vader = best cab for tight ass metal
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Nice read, I thank you for posting.
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ahh, engl fireball is the last piece of my rig setup to go...2 months of saving left, cant wait to hear some nice organic tube saturated high gain madness

...(speaking of madness...Spheres of Madness(decapitated) is the tone im going for with my rig, the vader i can already tell will darken the fireballs tone and tighten the bass to the frequencies in that tone)

well.. not really, im going for a mix of tone between, Scar Symmetry, Amorphis, and Decapitated, i have a Seymour duncan Invader pickup that will give tighness to the alder in my jackson also darkening the tone of the engl just a bit more from top end

but seriously...im quite high
"God in His heaven, and alls right with the world"-Browning
The Fireball will probably give you that Nihility tone, just with a bit more bite. My only problem with Vader is the fact that theyre named Vader. I dont want my cab to say that on the front. I'd probably take the logo off if I got one.
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