So i have seen so many guitar players put tape on their guitars and then stick a pick to it so they can just grab a pick when they are playing. What kind of tape do i use?? Is it just good old double sided tape?? Or is there a special kind i should use so it doesnt take the finish off my guitar??
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i have the habit of slipping my pick onto the gap next to my pickup
i use nicotine gum
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Honestly,that just sounds like a bad idea.Only for the reason that after so long tape does lose it's stick.If you're just doing it for when you're playing at home,theres the option of sticking one inbetween your strings.I also place a bunch of spares in the little gaps on my keyboard between the F1 and F12 key,as I do most my playing in front of it.
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I just leave a couple on top of my amp. As I sing aswell I may invest in one of those pick-holders that clip to your mic stand.
To be honest though it's probably best to revise your technique if you find yourself dropping picks too often. Or at least try picks with a better grip.
i cut holes in my picks to make grip easier
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Stick the pick between your lips.

No hassle, no money spent.
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on my jackson rhoads the volume pot came off so i just stick a pick in the gap
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i slide them under my pick guard with about half protruding
so easy to swing over and grab
and you can stick like 3 in there if you think youll need them