I'm want to stat recording my playing for fun. Problem is I dont have any real recording equipment and I dont have the money to spend on good recording equipment. But I do know how to record through a computer. But I have 2 computers...

One with a Creative sound blaster PCI128

And one with a Realtek Ac97

Which card will come out cleanest (recording an acoustic guitar/vocals), or is there a better option for less than 50 dollars? BTW I know nothing (apart from plug it in and press record :P) about recording.
Check out an M-Audio 1010LT if you can find one for a good price. Or if you dont need ten inputs check out the one with only four for cheaper. I have it and like it alot.

I actually have the Creative SOundblaster in my PC and like it, but I dont know, you might be able to find better. Apparently the sound blasters are best suited for playing games but I think its a good soundcard.
Both of those cards will be far from ideal for recording, but I'd go with the Creative one, because Realtek is horrible. You'd be far better off with an interface, but there's little or nothing on the market for 50 dollars. Maybe check eBay for a used M-Audio Fast Track?
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