Hi Guys

I'm really into post rock and shoegazw stuff and when writing songs "normal" chords just dont fit. they just seem to happy or someting.

What kinds of chords would you guys recomend I look at learning for post rock and shoegaze music? Bands like godspeed and stereolab are an example of what I mean.

try making up your own , i know that sounds stupid because they already exist, but try getting a basic chord [powerchord] and adding a few extra notes, stretch out those fingers!
minor 7 flat 5 chords (hendrix chord)
7th, 11th, 13th chords with open strings, high notes, low notes, and bass notes that aren't the root
take a chord you know and add some random notes until you find a sound you like/want to use

OR try chromatic/whole tone/melodic minor riffs harmonised with a second guitar and a moving bass line (not just playing root notes)

A-tonal songs maybe?

there's millions of ideas out there, just experiment
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thanks guys. i've always been a bit bothered about making up chords incase someone says "whats that meant to be?"

then again i heard jeff buckley used to move chords shapes around and see where else they sounded good so I suppose if it was good enough for him.

thanks guys
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minor 7 flat 5 chords (hendrix chord)

The famous Hendrix chord is a dominant 7 Sharp 9, not a minor 7 flat 5
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