band : mask of the thylacine
Song : Tale of the Wayward Soul

"God in His heaven, and alls right with the world"-Browning
Coming on here claiming one's band to be "kick ass" with a join date like that is....... risky...... and not recommended.
awesome it is not, that's for sure... i think theres about 100 bands that you sound like
pretty sweet
you's seem tight like, and the recording quality is pretty good.
Not the stuff to float my boat, but its good.
you wanna buy a bus ticket mate?
I thought it was good until the metalcore vocals came in.
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hey its just one mans opinion, that recording was like honestly 4 yrs ago lol, just no time,money to record or write music, i was just throwing it out there to see what kinda respones id get..thanks for the opinions,

Hopefully the new "Mask of the Thylacine" stuff will be way more experimental...featuring elements from bands such as Boris, Pelican, Sunn O, and actually incorperating Mayori and Australian folklore into the music....trying to capture the australian history and geography in a metal sound and project Ive always thought would be really interesting

Also the music recorded was under the band name "acheron" and was a 1 take, 1 track demo, there was no bassist in the band, I did the guitar and bass tracks...

and defending the vocals...it may not be your cup of tea, but the vocals screams and parts that were singed were unique in my point of view, the highness and shrillness in my mind set an opposite of the modern spectrum...taking into fact that alot of the new metalcore bands try to do that horrid low "b" growls like Circle of Dead Children perfected, and bands like JFAC ruined

anyhoo, i doubt we will ever play that song if only for warm ups or just jams in practice,...ill post new stuff as soon as i can
"God in His heaven, and alls right with the world"-Browning
Meh not bad but a bit generic, I actually like the vocals, kinda. Nice tight playing though. Good job!
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