Not really sure where to put this, but could anyone tell me the equipment i'll need to start computer recording??

any recommended makes / models would also be a great help
i've got around £500 and already have Cubase SX3 to use
If you record analog (guitar, bass, voice), you need an analog I/O card and some mikes.
If you record MIDI (keyboard) you need a MIDI card.

A friend of mine advised me to buy a combo card with external connector box. These should have a slight increase in latency but they're much more practical to hook up to your equipment, especially if you swap often.

This one here has 8 analog I/Os and 1 MIDI connector for $239,50 (which can't be much more than a few quid at the rate the dollar is dropping lately):

Here is an equivalent for even less:

Don't know about the quality of either though.

You'll also need some microphones for the analog recording.
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