right so if the scale length of your guitar build is 25" then this will be measured from the body side of the nut to the point where the string sits on the bridge saddle right?

also - how far do the bridge saddles need to be able to move so that you can always keep your guitar correctly intonated? will about and inch be enough? (im making a very basic bridge - i think it works on paper - unfortunately though, it'll have to be mounted on a guitar)
To Make Sure Your Guitar Has Good Intonation Plug It Into Your Tuner And Perfecty Tune It. If Your Intonation Is Right Play The Same String On The 12th Fret It Should Stay In Tune. If The Note Is Sharp Move The Saddle Forward If Flat Backwards. Retune And Try Again Do This Til Its Right
If you do it to the middle of the saddle you can mcve the saddles to keep the intonition. I think thats why the saddles move.
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