I just need a pedalboard that can fit 6-8+ pedals and can plug into an A/C outlet.

I've got all these pedals, but they just keep running out of batteries. It sucks.

Is there even such a thing?

Recommendations? Prices?

All would be great. Thanks.
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Check out the SKB pedalboard series; I bought the StageFive model, and it's awsome. It costs a bit more, but it's a quality board with tons of great features. If your pedals won't fit on the board, use Musician's Friend and go through the other pedalboards, which is how I found mine. If you have somewhat regular pedal sizes, it ought to be a good choice for you.
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well, my still growing fx board consists of 7 pedals. for the pedals with standard power inputs, i have a soundlab pedal power 450 PSU which powers up to 6 (I have 4 pedals which it can power) which cost me £20. I use separate supplies for the 3 pedals which have positive-tip mini-jack style connections.
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gator boards.
they do the trick and have a good space and power supply included for £100
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Easiest thing to do (and probably cheapest) Is get a bit of wood the size you want, cover it in speaker carpet, line the edges, affix a couple of handles, get a keyboard gigbag to transport it and some sort of multi-power unit like the Diago Powerstation or a onespot.

There's a tutorial on how to build the board somewhere on UG (customization forum probably)
Yeah, those plans are really good. I actually built my board off of them.
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