Hi, I have often read and heard that one should not use polish on guitars with matte finish. However due to my earlier ignorance, I have purchased a planet waves pre-treated polish cloth. http://www.planetwaves.com/pcaredetails.aspx?ID=6 . Basically, the 2nd item on the website. And I was wondering is it safe for me to continue using it on my guitar? Or should i switch to just using a clean cloth instead?
That cloth shouldn't hurt the finish, but it might make it shine a bit. If you want to keep the finish it's original matte tone, I'd suggest simply cleaning the surface with a slightly damp lint free cloth. A car detailing microfiber cloth works wonders. If you want to use it wet, remember, SLIGHTLY DAMP. What little moisture is left behind will evaporate very quickly that way. Otherwise just use it dry.
i was wondering about the microfiber cloth thing. is it worthwhile to buy one? or do normal rags work well enough?
you can use 100% cotton cloths as well. just be careful of anything the slighest bit rough. old t-shirts are ok as well, but make sure that there arent any textured logos on it that could scratch your guitar. I would generally only use rags to wipe down strings, but not the body.

buying a microfiber cloth is worthwhile. you can use it for quite a long time. it's not like you throw it away after using it a few times. use it till it dies.
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^ Yep. And make sure it's 100% lint free. Try to pluck some lint off it in the store before you buy it and you'll see what I mean. They're yellow, but there's a couple brands that claim to be microfiber cloths. One of them is anything but lint free. I have some for my car, and washed them with some white terry cloth towels, and now everything's yellow. No good! And it's not dye either, it's nasty lint from the cheapo's. Now I just use them for spills in the house or if the cat pukes on the carpet.
You won't be able to pull off any fibers on the good ones.
Mmm alright. Good advice. In that case, perhaps a recommendation or two on what brand to get? Or simply what brand to avoid?
I used to get free microfiber cloths from the old music store that I worked at. I have cloths from any brand; from Martin to Rico to Gemeinhardt, etc. I have practically a lifetime supply of them. They're washable, so I think they are a very worthwhile investment.
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Meguiar's. If you can find just the cloth, that's THE one to buy. They have a massive line of auto care products, and their microfiber cloth is one of the best IMO. It's all I use now when I want to detail my GN. (That's a Buick Grand National for those of you not in the know).