Hey guys, just a quick question for you,

I currently have a Samson g TRACK CONDENSOR MIC, the one with the built in audio interface which is usb to my macbook. Now what i am confused about is do you record music or vocals first? common sense tells me its obviously music but i need to sing along as i play the song on the guitar as it helps me keep the tune or i just lose it. now if im recording my guitar plugged into the microphone as a seperate line in, it works fine but how do i go about recording an instrument like my martin acoustic that has no jack plug, its just acoustic.

Wondering if i could get some advice. thanks
Normally ill lay down a click track, record drums to that, add guitars, add bass, then do vocals but check out this thread:


If you have the room and gear, record everyone live but you wont be able to do much at all with a single mic...or a USB interface/mic combo product..